As a business in the greater Centralia area, you depend on the growth and prosperity of our community and workforce. It is very difficult to change the business climate by yourself, but as a part of the Greater Centralia Chamber of Commerce you can make a difference!

Join our Chamber of Commerce

By investing in our organization, we will advocate for your business. We communicate with local civic organizations and government agencies to promote positive business growth for the greater Centralia area.

The mission of the Greater Centralia Chamber of Commerce is to be a recognized leader for our members and community and to stimulate a healthy business climate through programs and services that strengthen our community as well as directly benefit our members and enhance their business success.

We work in partnerships with local municipalities, schools, and civic organizations. The Greater Centralia Chamber of Commerce actively supports regional growth and education through the above mentioned inclusive partnerships.

With over 300 members, our chamber of commerce consists of locally owned businesses, home-based businesses, corporate retail and industrial operations, hospitals, financial institutions, and manufacturers. As we work with each member, we offer opportunities to meet their individualized needs and help them strive for their goal of success.

The value of a chamber membership is not solely based on the participation of the member. The Greater Centralia Chamber of Commerce focuses on building relationships and improving communication with and between our members. Legislative and political issues are met with integrity and diplomacy, offering views from both sides of issues, while maintaining the best interest of the business climate in our greater community.