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"Developing the Creative Economy" Chamber Workshop

  • Centralia Regional Library (map)
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Developing the Creative Economy

Join us for this FREE workshop!

Developing the Creative Economy was designed for community leaders and economic development professionals who want to tap into the creative talent in their communities to build viable businesses, adding to household income for the entrepreneur and increasing economic activity in the community. The program helps community leaders expand economic and entrepreneurial development by developing a culture that appreciates and supports the creative talents of residents, including those living in low-resource households. Creative entrepreneurs include artists, designers, musicians, boutique retailers, specialty food producers and other creative enterprises.

The workshop is built on the premise that a community should focus on “informal grass roots, street-level, pop-up micro-activities, each of which may be short-lived, but which adds up to a continuous stream of events and experiences in a market-place of endless information which sharpens the producers’ and makers’ skills and buyers’ appetites.” (Howkins 2001, 2013)

Presented by Pamela S. Schallhorn, M.A., Educator, Community & Economic Development, from UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS EXTENSION in Bond, Clinton, Jefferson, Marion, and Washington counties.